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Superb trophies ranging from Representative to Record Class
Alpine Trophy Hunting
in Kyrgyzstan
Exclusive Hunting Adventures in pristine nature
World Class Trophies


Our hunts are professionally guided expeditions for those seeking the true Kyrgyzstan experience
World Class Trophies Guaranteed
Professional Outfitters
Briefing and guiding by professional Hunting Rangers during entire expedition
Excitement & Adventure
Each of our hunts is a multi-day expedition to remote hard-to-reach terrains
Fully arranged
The expedition planned in the smallest details and is extremely saturated. You don't have to worry about anything, we had all prepared
  • Challenging hunting in a fantastic mountain landscape
  • World Record Trophies of Marco Polo Argali
  • Large population of Mid-Asian Ibex
  • Indescribable beautiful scenery
  • Long Shooting Distance (200-500m)
Hunts are organised to suit each hunter and their physical ability. Helicopters, four wheel drives and horses are used to access previously scouted hunting grounds to ensure trophy animals are both present and attainable.
200 000
Hectares of prime, scenic, and private hunting terrain with superb trophies
3 148m
Average altitude during hunting
Guaranteed success rate
hunting expeditions

Trophy animals

  • Marco Polo sheep
    Average: 120 cm / Max: 155 cm
  • Mid-Asian ibex
    Average: 100 cm / Max: 145 cm

    Recommended to use a rifle with ammunition
    338LM, 300Win Mag, 300WSM, 300RUM, 7 Rem Mag
    with optics 3,5- 10x, 3-23x, 4-16x
    Price Includes
    • Transfer from/to airport
    • VIP-lounge at airport Bishkek
    • Transfer to/from hunting terrain (by SUV 4WD)
    • Accommodation at the hunting Lodge or, if necessary, tent camps
    • Rent of horses
    • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinners)
    • Beverages/soft drinks
    • Service staff
    • Interpreter for the group
    • Photographer for the group
    • Briefing, coaching and guiding by Professional Rangers (full support)
    • Trophy measurement
    • Field trophy preparation
    • Trophy irrespective of trophy size
    • Shipment of trophy to home address
    • Formalities package (hunting license, gun permits, state fee, veterinary certificate)
    • Kyrgyzstan CITES permit
    • Paperwork
    Price DOES NOT include
    • Flight to/from Bishkek
    • Insurance (Trip Cancellation, Medical Evacuation, etc.)
    • U.S. CITES permit
    • Ammunition
    • Gun rental
    • Tips for guides and drivers
    • Non planned back transfer - € 300 per car
    • VISA (if needed)
    • Alcoholic drinks

    More for additional payment
    • Extra day of hunting - € 350
    • Additional Ibex – € 3 625
    • Wolf – € 1 875
    • Non-hunting observer – € 2 500
    • Helicopter transfer to the hunting terrain: Eurocopter, Mi-8 (upon request)
    • Airplane excursion around Kyrgyzstan: Diamond 20, Diamond 42, Maule mx7 (upon request)
    Wounding & Cancellation
    • Wounded animal - no refund!
    • Cancellation within less then 90 days - 50% refund from a total fee
    • If no opportunity for Marco Polo, there is a refund of € 6,000

    Terms of Payment
    • Deposit: 50% based on trip price
    • Deposit deadline: 5 days after booking
    • Final payment: 90 days Before hunt
      Exclusive hunting adventure

      You'll get
      unforgettable experience

      An unforgettable hunting adventure in undisturbed nature of Kyrgyzstan
      • We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.
      • We are totally committed to providing you an excellent quality service while taking you on the hunt of a lifetime.
      We have privately owned, well managed properties and hold permits to hunt government land, offering endless options to ensure that both the quality of the animals and terrain can be matched to each hunter.
      Special offer
      Explore Kyrgyzstan's best spots by Helicopter
      • Upgrade your transfer. Heli transfer to the hunting terrain.
      • Customised itineraries exploring our regions. From the mountains to alpine lakes, design your own true Kyrgyzstan experience.
      Photo archive

      Trophy Gallery

      Personalized & Flexible
      The hunting program is flexible and may change depending on the conditions and hunters demands
      Remote Hunting Terrains
      You will be hunting in Indescribable beautiful scenery surrounded by celestial mountains
      Full Immersion
      Just enjoy the Big Game, you won't be destructed, we had all planed and prepared
      Personal Photographer
      Personal photographer in every expedition, so at the end of the game you will receive a complete and colorful photo report
      practical infornation

      What is important to know
      about expedition

      We will send you a full list of necessary items, special travel conditions, information about the necessary documents and visa application after payment of expedition
      Hunting season
      The season is August 15 – November 30 & January 5 to March 1
      Suggested Rife & Ammo
      • Rife & Ammo: 7mm, .300 Win. Mag, .300 Wby.Mag, with optics 3,5- 10x,3-23X, 4-16X; 40-60 bullets;
      • Optics: binoculars 70-47x; Rangerfinder 700-900m;
      • Papers: As of 7-24-12,
      • Clothing: 1-2 pair mountain boot, camp shoes, 2 pair hunting pants, 2 long-sleeve hunting shirts, 3-4 pair underwear, jacket w/hood, white camouflage, 1-2 sweaters, long sleeve thermal top, 3-4 t-shirts, 2 pair gloves, wool cap, cap w/ear-flaps, hunting cap, scarf or neck warmer, belt or suspenders, socks, warm or thermal socks, handkerchiefs.
      • Miscellaneous: sleeping bag (for -22°F in winter time), body size pad for sleeping and sitting, lip balm, sunblock, walking stick, blister pads, 1 liter thermos, medications, scotch tape, zip-lock bags, camera (film, memory card, tapes, etc.), flashlight, radio, batteries, chargers (220V or adapter), sunglasses.
      Style of Hunting
      Hunting methods: Stalking, Rifle Hunting
      Game classification: Big Game

      Horses are used for most of Kyrgyzstan hunting trips in order to increase the success rate. Expect extensive horseback riding and considerable walking. Ride before you go on this hunt. Spike camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area. Sheep are generally located in remote country at 12,000 feet. Once the trophy is located you complete your stalk on foot. Physical condition is an important factor for the stalking part of the hunt. Long range shooting up to 500 yards is usual.
      Where you will hunt

      The Tian Shan is a large system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia. The highest peak in the Tian Shan is Jengish Chokusu, 7,439 metres (24,406 ft). The Chinese name for Tian Shan may be derived from the Xiongnu language name Qilian, which was described by Sima Qian in the Records of the Grand Historian as the homeland of the pre-Xiongnu peoples of the region. The hunt is done on 9.000-12.000 feet altitude.

      Fence type: Not fenced
      Territory size: 300000 ha
      Languages spoken by staff: Russian English French
      Structure by elevation Plains: 50%
      Mountains: 50%
      Structure by landscape Fields/Bush: 100%

      Where you will stay
      We have 6 HUNTING CAMPS situated on the territory of Issyk-Kul and Naryn regions with the total area about 250 thousand hectares. All camps are equipped and outfitted with all stuff required for a successful and pleasant Hunting Tour. We have all neccessary gear, horses, comfortable cottages and yurts as well as experienced guides. There are abundance of pure water, high quality foodstuff and power supply.

      Facilities: Outdoor shower Electricity Solar power Sauna Horse Riding
      How to get there
      Flights: International flights to Bishkek with Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Aeroflot (via Moscow) We will meet you in the airport and transport to the camp. Transfer to the camp: 8-10 hrs from the capital of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) to the selected camp, depending on camp distance.

      Nearest airport: Bishkek
      Distance from airport: 600 km
      Transfer from airport: Yes
      Other information
      Gun rental: Yes
      Vaccination required: No

      Get your PDF Hunting Guide

      - 8 pages of recommendations for Kyrgyzstan
      - What to take equipment and clothes
      - Tickets and weather
      - Information about country

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      Experience Kyrgyzstan Hunting Adventure

      Video reports on
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      Watch video about Marco Polo Sheep Hunt - Chasing the world's biggest sheep
      Remi ventures into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan in search of Marco Polo Sheep with a 300 wsm Finnlight II he built in Finland. The adventure takes him into the mountains via horses after days of travel just to get into the hunting area. He is rewarded with a giant ram in one of the high alpine basins. Marco Polo sheep are some of the largest wild sheep in the world and live in some of the most remote mountain ranges in central Asia.
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      The emotions of those who already experienced Kyrgyzstan

      One visit is never enough
      Discover Kyrgyzstan, see the unseen and hear the unheard
      Challenging Hunt
      Travel Preparations
      The Hunting Experience
      About Kyrgyzstan
      • The fauna of Kyrgyzstan is various and heterogeneous. The complexity of the geographical factors and the junction of zoogeographic regions are the main factors that were forming the fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Hunters know it and this fact attracts hunting lovers from all over the world.
      • Kyrgyzstan is home to 335 species of birds, among them are eagle, vulture, gray heron, owl, white stork, crane, golden eagle. There are 86 species of mammals in the Republic
      • Ibex and Marco Polo sheep are the most popular trophy animals in Kyrgyzstan and you can get them during your trip to this beautiful country! Kyrgyzstan is called a great country with friendly people and high-quality trophies. A wonderful mountainous country in Central Asia gives perfect chances for hunting, variety of animals, beautiful landscapes and affordable prices amaze each hunter from all parts of the world.
      Challenging Hunt
      • Together with your guide you leave base camp on horseback to search for the wanted species. In most cases these outings last for several days and during the hunt you overnight either in tents or mountain caves. Therefore a really good sleeping bag is a very important part of your equipment!
      • You hunt up to an altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level, which of course in itself is a physical challenge. When a promising trophy has been spotted you begin an often long and strenuous stalk on foot.
      • You must be prepared to shoot at distances of several hundred meters in difficult terrain – nobody said that it was easy. In return the efforts of the hunter will often be rewarded with trophies of more than 1 meter – in rare cases up to impressive 130 cm. The average of the Marco Polo is between 48" and 55". And the nature and the scenery that forever will be imprinted in your memory cannot be described with words – it simply has to be seen and felt on your own body.
      Travel Preparations
      • As a hunting guest to Kyrgyzstan it is important to be in a good physical condition, and therefore spend time and energy on physical training before the trip. You will be hunting at high altitudes, must expect long days with strenuous stalking in difficult terrain and often at low temperatures, so the more fit you are the better are the chances of success. Irrespective of hunting area and specie the hunt only takes place on horseback and on foot.
      • As for clothing you must bring warm, water- and wind proof clothes, and it is also a good idea to have several layers so that you can regulate your clothing depending on the various hardships
      • You must also be prepared for long shots, 200 – 350 meters is not unusual, so therefore we also recommend that you before the hunt spend time training with your rifle, and recommend rifles with a flat trajectory, such as 300 Win Mag. When booking the hunt we will of course send you a detailed equipment list.
      The Hunting Experience
      • This programme is particularly for the adventurous hunters who are seeking the challenge and who would like to be rewarded with a genuine hunt in a wild and untouched terrain and with a good chance of getting a great trophy.
      • If this is what you are looking for you have come to the right place. You will be able to enjoy the grand and impressive panorama of Tien-Shan during the entire trip. This hunt is not just a ride in a unique nature – it is also a tough hunt, which can be hard on soul and body. The hunting areas have a large population of ibex and as hunting is limited you also have a good chance of bagging a nice mature ibex.
      • On arrival in the main camp, you relax for the rest of the day, zero your rifle etc. The next day you ride into the mountains together with your guide. Once you have spotted a promising ibex the hunt continues on foot.
      • In the sub-alpine climate zone of the Kyrgyzstan mountains lives one of the finest populations of ibex in the world. The quality of the trophies found here are generally also good, with an average size of about a meter, but trophies even larger than this are naturally taken from time to time.
      • It is also possible to combine an ibex hunt here with hunting for wolf. Our hunting districts lie in the eastern part of the country. As mentioned this hunt takes is carried out exclusively from horseback, until you spot a promising trophy, after which the hunt will continue on foot.
      • The hunting camp lies at an altitude of around 3.000m a.s.l. and you will hunt in terrain between 4.000 and 4.500 a.s.l. The hunting season is from 15th August to 15th December and from 15th February to 31st March
      There are three species of Argali in Kyrgyzstan:
      1. Marco Polo
      2. Tian-Shan Argali
      3. Hume Argali

      • Marco Polo Sheep (Ovis ammon polii) inhabits the mountains to the South of the country from Naryn River up to the China's border. These Argali prefer wide plateaus and sloping mountains without steep ledges at elevations of 11,000-15,000 ft (3,500 – 4,500 m) above sea level.
      • Tian-Shan argali (Ovis ammon karelini) is found along the westernmost part of the Tian Shan Mountains of China. These mountains extend into Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is similar to the Marco Polo, but its horns have a tighter curl and are generally thicker.
      • Kyrgyzstan has become a famous destination for big game hunters seeking a Hume Argali (Ovis ammon humei). The GSC/Ovis trophy classification committee decided in January 2003 to officially recognize the Hume argali.
      • Base camp is located at 10,000 ft (3,000 m) - there is no need for acclimatization. Local terrain allows for the use of horses and sometimes 4x4 vehicles during the hunt. There are professional guides, cook and helpers in the camp. So far, our partner has experienced 100% success rate.
      • Usually, weather is favourable and more predictable in this region during the hunting period. During daylight hours in October the temperature is from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius and at night from -5 - -10 degrees Celsius. In November the temperature is from -10 to – 15 degrees C) and during nighttime from -15 to -20 C). Windy conditions.
      • A hunting tour to Kyrgyzstan can in many ways be described as an expedition. As a hunter you have to be both physically and mentally well prepared to maximize your chances of a world class mountain hunt – and don't forget to practice with your rifle. But believe us; it's worth the effort – Kyrgyzstan can offer you the hunting adventure of your life.

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      Kyrgyzstan Hunting Experience

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