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We want to show the truly untouched and pristine nature of highland Kyrgyzstan
Welcome to Kyrgyzstan
country of Celestial Mountains

About my project

Hi! I'm Nursultan but you can call me just Nurs
I am in love with adventures in the wild since my childhood. Every summer I was sent to our family alpine pasture to help my grandfather. Green alpine meadows, horses, shepherds grazing sheep, nights in a yurt, the sky with millions of stars - all this influenced my attitude and instilled love in the nature and mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Then I realized that I want to show the beauty of Kyrgyzstan to the world.

On every trip, I strive to give as many different emotions as possible and share the beauty of surrounding landscapes.

I feel satisfied and pride when people, seeing the beauty of Kyrgyzstan, enthusiastically say: "Wow!"

We are not interested in
'package' travel agencies

Our trips are adventures with friends, not just an excursion service. We love exploring, we love sharing our experiences, we breath adventures and invite you in.

Our approach to organization is to create a "maximum" program in the shortest time - to show the most beautiful and remote corners of Kyrgyzstan and make it a real adventure!

Our format

Joining our trips is about seeing authentic places, without tourist buses and audio guides. It's like entering a documentary film where you can live from a week to a month, or more. We immerse ourselves in local life, eat with locals and move with maximum efficiency and color.

Our trips are dynamic, filled with impressions and knowledge about places where you are. The right landscapes, tastes, smells, wind on your face and touch of the sea - our trips have it all. We try not to eat in cafes and restaurants "for foreigners", and discover local cuisine in eateries popular with local middle class.

We like everything: to climb mountains, go on a boat, ride a motorcycle with a sense of unlimited freedom, drive forward on a car and feel the drive of life.

But most of all we love to unite people on travel. This is our philosophy - we are looking for people like us who love life and appreciate every moment.

Our style of travel

Most of our trips are dynamic, which means that we try not to spend more than 2-3 days in one place. But we always stay longer in places, particularly dear to our hearts.

For transfers, we often use - minibuses, four wheel drive cars, and sometimes we use public transport also used by locals. If necessary, we hire specific transport like helicopters, air/seaplanes, trains, boats for the group.

Our trips vary by the level of comfort. We stay in simple, clean 2–3 star hotels or guesthouses, sometimes 4-5 star hotels with pools and spas.

We also love traditional accommodation - yurts, clay houses, caravanserai and other ethnic housing. Some trips require prior preparation, and some are easy to do with young children.

Amazing atmosphere
and new surroundings

Traveling in small groups of like-minded people is the best way to discover pristine nature of Kyrgyzstan!
Exclusive Routes Only
We squeeze maximum emotions, impressions and new experiences. There is always a goal in our travels: finding ourselves, rebooting and getting out of our comfort zone.
Gift box: сompany clothes and equipment
For every group, we provide an exclusively designed clothes and make a set of the most necessary equipment for the trip.
Immersion in the country
With us, you see real local life, not just a picture for tourists. We live, eat and move around like locals, without forgetting about your comfort and convenience.
Personal photographer
We love photography and videomaking. Each group has personal photographer, so at the end of the route you will receive a complete and colorful photo report.
Small groups
Everything is much easier in a small group of like-minded people. The tour leader has the opportunity to pay attention to everyone.
Fully arranged trip
We had planed the route in the smallest details and make it extremely saturated. You don't have to worry about anything, we had all prepared.
>7 000
Kilometers walked through the mountains
Years - the average age of participants
Average amount of people in a group

We find in the mountains
inspiration and harmony

We love mountains and meet new people, and also want you to get a full range of emotions and impressions in Kyrgyzstan.
join us

Let's join
nomadic culture

We want to show the truly untouched and pristine nature of highland Kyrgyzstan