Adventure Ratings
Are you ready for our trips? Each of our adventures is assigned a difficulty rating: Levels 1 - 5. Just find the type of the trip, you are interested in, and the relevant level of difficulty. Our main goal is that you get a positive experience and good impressions of the trip. For individuals who have any medical contraindications for physical activity we do not recommend choosing trips more than the 3rd level of difficulty in order not to endanger, first of all, themselves, as well as other guests and guides.

1 out of 5 — Easy = EVERYONE
Feel free to relax. Easy walking with climbs, a bit harder than two flights of stairs. Light physical activity, which does not require skills of being in the mountains and movement through difficult terrain. You will spend no night at above 3'000 meters. You will never need to go hiking or horse riding. Suitable for everyone, including children. Take cameras and nice mood.

2 out of 5 — Light BEGINNERS
With an average fitness level there is no need to prepare for this trip. You might spend some nights at a high altitude of up to 4'000 meters – however, not without prior acclimatization. Some short and easy hikes in the mountains can be included in the tour and you may try out horse riding for a couple hours. You also need the necessary gear: small backpack, warm clothes according to weather, snack, and water. Includes long trips in comfortable buses, minibuses and cars.

Physical activities like trekking, mountain biking, horse riding or river rafting form an essential part of the trip. It will require physical abilities and endurance, special clothes and shoes. With a good level of fitness you will enjoy this tour more. It can also include long stays in an unusual climate or a sudden change of climate. Suitable for most people in average physical shape. You will have to walk and climb to a height of 3,000 m above sea level and more. In addition to a good level of general fitness it is of advantage if you have already some experience with the type of activities included in the tour – however, this is not required.

4 out of 5 — Challenging NEED EXPERIENCE AND GOOD FIT
Physical activities like trekking, mountain biking, horse riding or river rafting are the essence of the trip and these activities can last on average 5 – 7 hours per day, for several consecutive days, with an elevation gain of up to 1500 meters per day. A very good level of general fitness is required as well as significant trekking and/ or mountain biking experience on similar altitudes. These are trips in the expedition style and you will have to carry your backpack with the necessary gear in the difficult conditions of the highlands.

5 out of 5 — Extreme PRO LEVEL
Challenging and long distance hiking that might involve some rock climbing or alpinism, long bicycle trips in changing conditions, rafting or kayaking of 2-4 WW level and other activities of significant physical strain. Demanding sports activities take place at elevations over 4'000 meters and/ or elevation gain of more than 1'500 meters per day. You should have high-altitude mountaineering experience.