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How to get to Kyrgyzstan?
How to get to Kyrgyzstan?
  • Tours can start from Bishkek or Osh. You can get to the international airports in these cities by various airlines: Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, S7 and others from Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan and other countries.
  • There are several flights between Osh and Bishkek during the day. It takes only 40 minutes. You can take 15 kg of luggage and 5 kg on board. Overload costs USD 1-2 per 1 kilogram.
  • Also we sell international air tickets.
  • You will be met by our representatives at the destination airport and taken to the hotel.
VISA to Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan has abolished visas for more than 30 countries. If you still need a visa, then today you can get it by oral statement in a simplified manner, as well as an electronic one. The visa can be obtained at the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad. If there is no embassy or consular department of the Kyrgyz Republic in the country, the visa can be obtained upon arrival at the visa office at Manas International Airport, Bishkek.

The tourist visa can be single, double or group. Do not forget to make a double-entry visa if you are leaving Kyrgyzstan on a tour and then returning to Kyrgyzstan again.

If you need a registration or invitation letter, please contact our managers. They will help you with the solution of these issues.

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